Holidays and festivals

Arabella Lounge is open nearly all year round, so we’re here whenever you need us. Our opening hours stay the same for all bank holidays, and our menu is available regardless of the season. Holidays are perhaps one of the most exciting times of year for us at Arabella Lounge, and you’re always guaranteed a good time. Read below to find out more about how we operate during public holidays and religious festivals.


Our opening hours are the same as usual for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Relax, kick back with some drinks and let the Arabella Lounge staff take care of you and your family. Although it might not be the most traditional Christmas dinner, our chefs will save you time and effort by cooking your family the finest Arabic cuisine. Take a look at our menu here. And of course, there’s always coffee and dessert on the go for afterwards.

We are available for Christmas bookings throughout the year and in the lead up to the holiday, so don’t be shy about inquiring, even if you’re planning your Christmas as early as July!

New Year

We’re open throughout New Year, with regular hours on both New Years Eve and Day. The atmosphere on our terrace is just the right mix of lively and laidback – and it helps that we have gorgeous panoramic views of all the New Year fireworks for miles around! New Year’s at Arabella Lounge can get busy, so be sure to book a table in advance for food, music, and celebration and see the New Year out in style.

Ramadan and Eid

Arabella Lounge is a hugely popular venue during Ramadan, and we are proud to consider ourselves a landmark for the local community in this regard. Our opening hours vary according to fasting hours each year, something that we will confirm in advance of the festival. When the time comes during the evening, we fire up the kitchen and begin to prepare food for everyone in observance of Ramadan. It’s a great place to relax and eat after fasting during the day, and you can catch up with your friends and family in a friendly environment.

Our Eid celebrations are also subject to change, but rest assured, we provide one of the best venues for the feast. If you’d like to contact us in advance of Ramadan, send us an enquiry and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’ve visited Arabella Lounge during a holiday before, please feel free to leave us a review on this page. Your feedback is highly valued and gives us a better idea of how we can improve our services during special occasions.